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4D Hydrolifting Treatment

The perfect combination to treat the aging of the skin.

The Hydrolifting 4D anti-age rejuvenation treatment is the combination of the LLLT Cool Laser technology together with Celinde´s 4D Hydrolifting Premier Serum. Working with smooth rotations in the area to be treated, we managed to create a wrinkle and expression lines filled effect.

Antes y después del Tratamiento rejuvenecimiento anti-edad Hidrolifting 4D en Tiendas Agatha Granada.

Cool Laser is a cold effect laser equipment that acts on skin tissues. It accelerates the physiological effects and helps to increase the speed of the cellular mitosis so that the cells regenerate, thus acting against the aging of the skin.

This way, we get the existing wrinkles to be filled, preventing the appearance of new wrinkles. It also acts as a transport vehicle for transdermal active ingredients, that is, it acts to help the active ingredients of the cosmetic products we use penetrate better into the skin and reach where they need it most, thus enhancing the effect of the properties they contain, helping us in our daily beauty routine.

For its part, the 4D Hydrolifting Serum from Celinde laboratories is the perfect complement to the action of LLLT Cool Laser. Get a deep hydration, with active lifting effect, which tighten the skin achieving spectacular results.

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