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The Mindful Touch - Natura Bissé

Enjoy a new dimension in Beauty

The Mindful Touch by Natura Bissé is the most innovative proposal in the area of ​​the spa, in which the results of Natura Bissé's cosmetics with the most advanced technology are combined in a magical way through virtual reality.

The Mindful Touch experience starts with a welcome ritual and warm body touches, which are complemented by a virtual reality video inspired by the concept of mindfulness. The client immerses himself in a state of mindfulness that helps him evade his mind from everyday stress and leave out from the beauty space any concerns.

During the session, an audio also inspired by mindfulness, accompanies you to pay attention to your breathing, what happens around you and everything that is happening inside your body. Appreciating physical sensations, textures, temperature changes, pressures, has an effect on your skin ... In this way, you will achieve greater enjoyment and a more real treatment experience.

With The Mindful Touch, you will feel the power of expert hands touching you delicately and you will become aware of the extraordinary strength of the sense of touch. When touched gently, the brain is stimulated to act by releasing neurochemicals, related to positive emotions by connecting with the depths of your being. That inhibits cortisol levels, which helps reduce stress and anxiety. With each gentle rub and pressure of the massage awaken some of the millions of receptors that our skin has, generating wonderful feelings of calm and serenity.

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