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Painless Laser hair removal in Granada

Achieve permanent hair removal with no pain.

Tiendas Agatha incorporates to its wide offer of Laser Hair Removal a new Last generation equipment specialized in painless hair removal. This system combines Alejandrita/Diodo laser technology with the benefits of Intense Pulsed Light, achieving great results, even in dark skin and most importantly, achieving a painless laser hair removal.

Painless Laser hair removal in Granada

The pain free hair removal is achieved thanks to the technology used in this new laser equipment, which optimizes the laser pulse applied to the skin, so that it applies exactly the energy needed to reach the deeper layers of the skin, preventing damage to the dermis. This significantly reduces the discomfort caused by epilation, avoiding pain.

In addition, this optimum pulse system contributes to improve the effectiveness of laser hair removal, reducing the number of sessions required to achieve permanent hair removal and achieving better results even in tan or dark skins.

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