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Laser Hair Removal in Granada

The world's most powerful hair removal equipment in the best hands.

The Alejandrita laser equipment is the most effective and safe in the world for permanent hair removal. It is developed by Syneron Candela.

The operation of this laser depliación equipment is based on the destruction of the hair through an intense flash of light with each pulse, which ends effectively with the hair without damaging the skin. Alejandrita emits the flash of light used to finish the hair at the perfect wavelength, which makes it the most effective permanent hair removal equipment.

Alejandrita Laser Hair removal in Granada

In addition, this equipment incorporates a system of cold spray of cryogen in each pulse that supposes an important reduction of the pain caused by the laser.

The results are visible between 12 and 15 days after the completion of the treatment of laser hair removal, and its duration is greater than any other method of hair removal. Session after session the hair disappears. The hair comes off the skin from the base, which causes it to take much longer to regrow, and to do it weaker.

At Tiendas Agatha we have been working with the Alejandrita model for more than 10 years, being the first in its introduction in Andalusia, with the guarantee of the acquired experience.

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