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Agatha Oncology Esthetics in Granada, Spain

Oncology Esthetics

Tiendas Agatha and Natura Bissé´s Ricardo Fisas Foundation offers services of Oncology Esthetics in Granada, Spain.

People who have suffered or are suffering from a cancer suffer also from physical effects due to the aggressive treatments used to fight the disease: weight loss, tiredness, nausea, etc. But they also suffer from other types of side effects that can affect both physically and emotionally. Oncologic Esthetics helps to "correct" these effects.

Tiendas Agatha, together with the RICARDO FISAS FOUNDATION of NATURA BISSÉ, have specialized in the beauty and well-being of people suffering from Cancer. We focus on improving self-esteem, contributing to improve the external image of our patients, offering moments of well-being and relaxation.

Tiendas Agatha, together with the RICARDO FISAS FOUNDATION of NATURA BISSÉ, have specialized in the beauty and well-being of people suffering from Cancer.

We do not try to transform or alter physical appearance. We aim to beautify and correct what the cancer has changed, always maintaining the personality and essence of each person. Seeing us better on the outside, has a positive effect, we feel better inside, which contributes in the recovery process, something that, without doubt, is a very important step in the fight against cancer. We offer our clients a personalized service and treatment, adapted to their needs.

We have the following treatments:

  • Facial recovery treatment
  • Body hydration treatment
  • Hydration treatment for hands and feet
  • Tired legs treatment
  • Treatment pre and post radiotherapy localized
  • Micropigmentation for eyebrows
  • Micropigmentation for breast areolas
  • Oncology Manicure and Pedicure
  • Nourishing body wraps
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Personalized Cosmetology Advice

Montserrat Muñoz, founder of Tiendas Agatha at Ricardo Fisas Foundation

In addition, at our Perfume Shop yu will find NATURA BISSÉ NB CEUTICAL, the Oncology cosmetic line, hypoallergenic, paraben free and alcohol free, formulated with Pro-Tolerance assets. Cosmetics specially formulated to raise the threshold of skin tolerance, soothe, relieve and protect even the most sensitive and battered skins.

For more information about our aesthetic treatments, please contact us via telephone on (+34) 958 100 101, through Whatsap on 627 498 697 or via email on