This Valentine's Day Give Love in the form of Perfume, Cosmetics or Treatment

This Valentine's Day Give Love in the form of Perfume, Cosmetics or Treatment

We are still immersed in the post-Christmas hangover, and we are already thinking about what to give for Valentine's Day. If you are one of those who celebrate this day of love and friendship in a special way, here you can see a series of recommendations, both for perfumes and cosmetics or even treatments, to hit this day with your gift for that person who deserves it.

Perfume gifts for Valentine

When giving perfumes, remember that each person has particular tastes, a favorite base essence. Therefore, there is a tip to get right buying gift perfumes: In Tiendas Agatha we always recommend that you do not buy a perfume just because it is fashionable, that is, the latest release. Somehow, the aroma must be related to the person to whom it is addressed. Here are some recommendations for romantic perfumes to give on Valentine's Day:

Women's perfumes for Valentine's Day

Amor Amor de Cacharel, A fruity, sweet and sparkling floral perfume, with all the sensuality of a young and passionate love. LOVE LOVE is a statement! It is the whirlwind of love ... A passionate, red, intense, explosive love. Feminine, sensual and passionate, the woman LOVE LOVE lives love like the explosion of a red rose in her heart. It is a floral and fruity perfume with the fresh output of Sicilian tangerine and redcurrant. It also has a floral heart fruity for its melati flower note. A sensual background thanks to the white amber gray musk and the patchouli.


Armani Sí Passione, a perfume that honors the free, passionate woman, a woman with character and who trusts herself, a woman without fear. The pear notes predominate in its notes, its heart notes are flowers of rose, heliotrope and jasmine, in its base notes vanilla predominates.

Shop Armani Si Passione

Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Rouge, inspired by the femininity of women, a mystery, Narciso Rouge is a romantic, sensual and seductive perfume. In its top notes, Iris and Rosa from Bulgaria predominate, in its heart notes, musk, orange blossom and daffodils predominate, its base notes are vetiver, white cedar extract, cedar, tonka bean, vanilla and sandalwood.

Shop Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Rouge

Men's perfumes for Valentine's Day

Carolina Herrera Vip Black Red Edition, created to challenge, inspire and be the owner of any party. His starting notes are Ginger, Berry Pepper, Oil & Cardamom, Absynth predominates in his heart notes, his base notes are Guaïacwood and Cuero.

Shop Carolina Herrera Vip Black Red Edition

Versace Eros Flame, is the warmest and most sensual image of the Greek God Eros, a fragrance full of strength and intensity. Its top notes are tangerine, orange, black pepper and rosemary, in its heart we find rose, geranium and paprika, in its base notes are cedar, patchouli, tonka bean and vanilla.

Shop Versace Eros Flame

"K" By Dolce & Gabbana, "K" by D&G eau de toilette is Dolce & Gabbana's latest men's perfume. Inspired by royalty, with a spectacular King crown as a stopper, this powerful and spectacular fragrance has as its perfume notes a noble combination of cedar wood, red chilli, and a fusion of Sicilian lemon and blood orange chord.


Cosmetic gifts for Valentine

On Valentine's Day, the gift is addressed to our true Love, the one we hope will last forever. Therefore, what better than giving beauty and skin care to that special person, which we want to be always radiant? Here are some ideas:

Feminine cosmetics for Valentine's Day

Clarins Multi Active Jour Day Cream, Multi Active Jour is a Clarins treatment that eliminates the signs of tiredness in the skin, protects youth in the skin making it more durable in the skin, in addition the signs of stress disappear, the expression lines They are blurred by their high collagen content, their hyaluronic acid content deeply moisturizes the skin. (Gift Set)

Shop Clarins Multi Active Jour Day Cream

Shiseido Ultimune Energizing Serum Activator, The immunity that will forever change the care of your skin, since it will have an immune system to protect against internal and external aggressions. It consists of a complex system, in which some organs and cells are involved, including Langerhans cells, responsible for skin immunity. (Gift Set)

Shop Shiseido Ultimune Serum

Natura Bissé Diamond Cream 50ml + Diamond Extreme Eye 25ml Limited Edition, rich and silky texture, and gives your face elasticity, firmness and hydration for those skin that is dry and damaged.

Shop Natura Bissé Diamond Cream 50ml

Men's Cosmetics for Valentine's Day

Clarins Men Set Revitalizing Gel, slows down the effects of the passage of time with its anti wrinkle treatment, smoothes the expression lines, also moisturizes the skin and gives it vitality, erases the dull appearance of the skin. Thanks to its components it protects the skin from pollutants in the city. (Case) It is suitable for all skin types, with gel texture, not oily and with immediate absorption.

Shop Clarins Men Revitalizing Gel

Shiseido Men Total Revitalizer, complete anti-aging and anti-fatigue treatment that helps eliminate skin dryness, recovering the same luminosity, wrinkles are dimmed and small lines of expression blur, also helps the cells responsible for hydration to retain the water. (Case)

Shop Shiseido Men Revitalizer

Anne Moller Man Flashtec Urban Defender: Mattifying moisturizing gel, which thanks to its powerful active ingredients penetrates the skin to release its moisturizing and protective properties inside leaving the skin with a feeling of comfort throughout the day. It is ideal for mixed skin with a tendency to large pores.

Shop Anne Möller Flashtec Urban defender

Beauty Treatments for Valentine's Day

Another great  idea is to give a moment of peace and relaxation for Valentine's Day. And what better way to relax while taking care of yourself with our aesthetic beauty treatments.

Treatment Vitamin C Natura Bissé

Antioxidant treatment that repairs battered skin by the sun or other external agents, fighting premature signs of aging. It stimulates the production of collagen that renews the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Who is it for?

  • * Skins that have premature aging
  • * Flaccid or dehydrated mature skin
  • * Sun damage, hyper pigmented skin with dark spots.

The options for this treatment are:

  • Treatment (45 m): € 40
  • Treatment + Cleaning (90 m): € 50
  • 4 treatments bonus + 1 cleaning: € 150

Diamond Cocoon Natura Bissé treatment

Diamond Cocoon Experience is a facial created to reverse the effects of modern pollution and everyday stress, ideal for relaxing. For whom is facial treatment with stem cells indicated? It is ideal for devitalized, poorly nourished faces and lack of light. It also serves to prevent other signs of aging from the age of 35.

The options for this treatment are:

  • Treatment + facial cleansing (90 m): € 70
  • 4 treatments bonus + 1 cleaning: € 225

Beoxy oxygen therapy treatment

The revolution of your skin! Your skin breathes and beoxy nourishes and deeply moisturizes it.

A combination of pure oxygen and serum exclusively designed and formulated to activate oxygenation and cell regeneration. Recover vitality and youth, reduce the signs of age, eliminate the traces of stress and tension of your skin from the first session. The treatment, which is suitable for all ages, presents the following options:

Treatment + cleaning (90 m): € 50

Hydration treatment (60 m): € 40

A la carte massages

We have a wide range of body massages, both anti-cellulite and relaxing. By means of the anti-cellulite massages we will be able to mobilize the lymphatic system, break the fat and with it, facilitate the penetration of the cosmetic products that are used in this way, we will obtain more effective and immediate results to combat soft, edematous and hard cellulite in the affected areas.

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