Get an instant tan, nice and without risk

 Get an instant tan, nice and without risk

If you want to show off a beautiful tan, the sun is the undisputed star. In addition, it seems that every time we have it before, and with more force, so we can begin to tan and enjoy its healthy effects, every time before. However, the damage caused to the skin due to the high radiation of the ultraviolet rays is becoming more frequent.

The irresponsible use of the sun, practically without exposing ourselves to it for 10 months, and then exposing ourselves in an abusive manner during the 2 months when its radiation is greater to get tanned, leads to important skin lesions. Sunbathing for many hours and even in the hours when radiation is highest, causes premature aging in the skin, leaving unwanted spots and even wrinkles on the face and other areas of the body, perhaps not instantly but with Over the years, since the skin has memory.

In future posts in our blog, we will deal extensively with the theme of responsible tanning to take advantage of the positive effects of the sun. Today we present e-bronze an alternative if what you want is a spectacular tan without risk.

E-bronze is an instant and healthy tanning technique that also softens the skin and moisturizes it for a week. DHA is a derivative of sugar cane, an active ingredient 100% natural and that does not damage the skin. It works in such a way that its assets react in the most superficial layer of the skin, that is to say, in contact with the amino acids of the proteins of the skin, producing a natural reaction that tans the skin activating the tanning mechanism (melanin).

The result is a luminous and tanned skin covering even the imperfections. Not only that, but also, the skin is hydrated and enriched thanks to its content of Aloe Vera and Caviar extract. In addition, E-Bronze can be used on any type of skin, and does not cause allergic reaction, since it does not penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, which guarantees its innocuousness.

Next, we explain what E-Bronze treatment, available at our beauty centers, consists of:

In the first place, and before the application of the tan, it is necessary to exfoliate the skin, emphasizing on hands, elbows, knees and neck. It is necessary to go to the tanning session without moisturizers, perfumes, makeup or deodorants. Also keep in mind that you have to wait 24 hours before a depilation or 1 hour between shaving and an e-bronze session. It is necessary to go with loose clothing to avoid chafing on the skin.

Second, after the application, it is necessary to allow 6 hours before the shower, and you must avoid applying creams, perfumes or makeup until 6 hours have passed. It is also recommended not to do sports or any activity that causes sweating until at least 8 hours pass.

The color is not instantaneous but will go "rising" progressively with the passing of the hours, until reaching a perfect tan.

The blogger saralp.z accompanied us to discover this technique

Come to our stores to discover this spectacular tanning technique, and get a spectacular instant tan this summer, and without risk.

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